The solitude

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I’ve always been

a person who liked the solitude. When I was a teenager, I was barely waiting to be alone. When I come back from school to accompany everything to work or elsewhere to stay alone. Then I would lie down, grease, rest, drink coffee, enjoy. I simply heard the silence, the most beautiful voice, the silence. I would always have found motivation for a good book, for learning, for thinking, for caring of myself.

My life has changed. I’m never alone.

I’m what I am,

I loved it most, but I got three times as much. I got what I like most. I got my baby. My first child was shock for my body,shock for my way of life. For so much not sleep, unconsciousness about very

serious role in life. Unconsciousness to own somebody

and that I am

responsible for someone’s life. I immediately stopped loving to sleep, although I could not.

I had

No more chance. Right now

I forgot about the solitude, although I still love solitude. Only one thing is different I have to share it

with mine

favorite people. My life has changed but not in the sense that I miss my solitude. I do not care about her anymore

. I’m accustomed to having it, it’s unusual that when the children go to sleep and I sit down alone and I do not know what to do. God,I miss them. Now my favorite moments that

I used to share with my two angels, those moments have given me a lot of value and richness in my soul. Honestly, sometimes I fall out

From the clock I can hardly wait to sleep them and rest my head. They are sometimes impossible and active but as soon as I fall asleep, I repent for my thoughts.

I regret that I thought so. Now, I live a life of solitude and most often I am alone with them, we are constantly

by ourselfs . The solitude is still present, but we share the three of us and then it is our most beautiful thing and we are the best when we are alone. 🍀

Parent without negativity,exists or no?

When you come to that border where you no longer bother, noise, plots, music, pounding, screaming, banging. You simply turn off. Whether I have switched my brain off or on my own, I do not know how to turn it off.

The days that I devote to more nervousness and anger were being done. I have to be honest, even at the end of the day, I’ll settle my relationship with myself, all this chaos in my head suffers

those I love most. Why, because I’m too tired. Am I in fact lazy and give myself the right to say that I am too tired or the subseals really have been committing years of fatigue that result from my anger. I am always strict with myself. I do not think I’m ungrateful, but I often think of myself “getting up.” What would I have to do to work, to run children in kindergartens, to a nanny, to think about the job where they are, what they are. That I can not participate in their maturity. What would I need to do in the morning to wake them up to bring them somewhere.I can not see their faces, their smiles, their tears after eight hours …how much would they praise them, how much of those little heads would be mad for their own

mother. uh … I know that 90 percent of parents have no choice today, but they have to work hard , I’m lucky. The husband has provided us with too much only to be happy until he is not here and my role is to give them love for two. For Mom and Dad. And I have nervousness, and I can not fight ?! Is it too strict for me or is it really the burden of two children tired of them literally?

But I’m conscious and I do not need kids like that every day. They are not obligatory and did not deserve to listen to my nervousness every day and I do not do anything good.I’m not even an example or useful for them. They want a happy mother with a smile and I can not dedicate myself at the same time to both of them, then the older baby is often neglected and I feel it, looking for attention, out of the way and at the end of the blame. I just want them to be happy, and for the sake of them I work on myself, and for the end of the day, I will again be smiling and grateful, though I am with them every day, every hour, every second …I will just feel better if I will know that I”m not the only one on this world who are “bad” sometimes with kids or kids just must not see you in bad mood?!

Oh I feel so bad.

Cheap opinion

I would like something to write about people with “interesting character”.Although tonight they are not an inspiration, But I just want metion who they are. People of an interesting character are people who think a lot but nothing. It means a lot and empty. People who are not thankful and that’s why theybare always unhappy. I do not even want to write in my blog detail about them and put focus on “interesting characters” . I will make my vibrations lower. I learned to sleep and skip that characters. But no matter how inspire we are, we have to be honest, biorhythm is disturbing us. With just one stupid item you hear or see from “interesting people”, your bioritam automatic comes out of every state of nirvana. Although we return it to the place again, it is like an earthquake, the earth can’t be strong if bigger energie swing. You understande what I mean. The people who talk to you one thing, they talk to others second thing, another one for the third thing, then they clutter . They do not know what they were told, then they live the innocence of the whole life, then they are all guilty, they are just right, they are only very honest and realistic, people who have an opinion for everything, they have an opinion on everyone ,and so on. Opinion is very cheap thing who have everyone.

Very ironic and sarcastic. Whatever and however you were right they just wont accept that becausenit kill them. They are like wall. They don’t have nothing at all. These are the most common people who deal with some unfortunate stupid job or do not care at all. People who are interested only to themselves and to anyone else. People who will always be harassed by the same ones as they are because they are not mature have what they say . People whose goal is me or you and not themselfs. I do not want to give such sort of people the name that belong to them, so I write that they are interesting, because if I call them what they are, maybe universe hear me and there is a hope that they will become interesting. People say that the ego does not allow such people to forgive anything and our souls think differently. Yes,my soul would really want to be with everyone in balance, but if my soul is the one who is suffering every time, then I do not do anything good for my soul. Let the ego do his work. What can we do? I’m sure that each of you will find in your neighborhood such an “interesting character of those people”. Also on this, let us be grateful, because they are they who teach us what we do not need to be! thank you! because gratitude is power! thank you on “lost”people. 🍀


Four steps for a successful day towards Abraham Lincoln are:

1.15 minutes of meditation Every day,

2.go outside and fit into nature,

3.write  notes on the 3rd page full of positiviti, grateful.

That power is only in these four steps. I constantly like to put emphasis on knowledge, on new knowledge, let’s see open mind and try.

If we have never meditated, let’s try it now, this moment, it will not work for the first time, but the feeling of ease will be sure to have. There are so many initial videos “how to meditate”, if you do not know anything about it, and you do not need knowledge, you will need the will. After only a couple of minutes free of meditation, I personally guarantee a relaxing feeling regardless of whether you are the first or the hundredth time.

Getting together with nature is very important. First of all, when the brain breathes oxygen, the brain drains normally, it needs nature, it needs green for healthy functioning, our heads need air. Set and let go of thoughts to walk behind you, just as your head needs to be dispensed so that thoughts need to come to an end.

Buy a notebook, in which you will write everything that is positive, write your wishes, where you would like to go, with who you would like to go, what you would like to buy, where would you like to live, write what you are going to do today. While drinking coffee, write what you will serve for lunch, for dinner, writte everything you want. Do not mourn, do not fill the paper with bad things write the things you live now. You will see how your thoughts will come to you, you will complete the 3 pages and you will not be aware that you have already printed so much.

Be grateful, there are so many motivational speakers and great priests who place our focus on only one thing, which is gratitude and it’s really like that, I write what I’m soothing about and my vibrations are really high, I feel very grateful while I’m just writing this. I feel grateful every day for every little thing, it’s incredible how much gratitude came into my mind. When you become grateful for love, love will “hear” and you will get even more. When you begin to be grateful for money, money will also be heard and you will be open to new levels of income, when you learn how to be grateful every morning, every day, every night, every warm bed, health on everything you have, miracles will begin to happen right away. You will not be able to believe neither you nor people around you. Those who do not like you will be surprised by your sudden success, and those who love you will appreciate you because they will just be your motivator. It’s not hard to give yourself a game, try what you want Great teachers speak and convey, so make yourself wise. If you do not go on the better, you stop, do not lose anything.

Normal day

Every time I want writte something I don’t know where my pencil is,I dont’t know where my notebook is and so on… reason are my kids.

Early at morning we woke up and went to side of beach where we never go usually. How beautiful is. Much more content for kids ,nature,much more walk road,much more kids. Cold autumn fresh air,already autumn clothes,wet kids noses,… refreshing after crazy summer and bunch of people and noises.

Cafes with kids garten and hot coffie make my morning today special. Only thing I needed that moment is my husband to enjoy us.

One baby swing,another one (bigger baby) follow every step,talk with somebody who is enjoying like us… that’s life with kids. After nice walk,we went house where one baby is hungry,second bigger baby is hungry,feed first one,feed another one,I lunched till feed them. Then my favourite part of day,sleep!

Put one, then another one to sleep,and I fell aslep. Blessed period. When I just feel aslep I heard baby cry.. wake up with head big as balloon,another one is awake too. I look at my watch It’s only 15:00 … Omg where will this day end I’m already so tired. But… that’s how it is.

I love time spend with my kids but sometimes I feel like zombie. Now is going to be funny time till 21 pm then after dinner game again two more hours , and then bed… ritual before bed I even won’t writte. Bigger baby is going with me to sleep because I could spent two hours in bed he will be still awake so I just give up.

And little baby is going to sleep but when he feel asleep after half hour he calls me. Ok,he slept again,after again half hour he calls me again.. ok ,that’s process till he really feel asleep. After all that I finally sit down take my wine and start to watch my show,which often time I couldn’t watch beacuse I feel asleep too.

This is our simple day,every day.

However presure hard is ,moments with kids won’t back.

So thankfull and blessed to God. 🍀

Gods drink

Often mentioned title in my life.

When you read this title at first I’m so sure that you think in yourself( what is drink of God? What he was drink? What drink?) expecially people who are not extreme lovers of wine.

White,red,rose,sour,sweet whatever sort is I just love the wine. I love feel after couple glass of wine,just couple glass because of all bottle you are ready for party:) and I’m far of going to party for years.

Feel of relax,mind of freedom,emotion,mild presure in head…

Whatever your day was,hard or easy,good or bad mood after wine you will fell in sleep as a God. And God’s especially Greece God’s were sleeping blessed.

That’s why wine got name of God’s drink. To be honest that’s my opinion but if you start from logic you got this.

Release thing whose upset you,release everthing what make border in your heart release all people,jobs,daily situations for what your heart doesn’t sound good. Just release.

Fill a glass of wine,enjoy in it. Enjoy for yourself,love yourself, your body,your soul deserve that. You are human. Do something for yourself. Do something what will awake your emotions,do something for pleasure.

It’s not important do you have cheap or expensive wine…

I fill in glass what I have and share moments with You… 🍀


I have always heard,read stories and “science” about how people are conected with universe. I knew that was energy in all of us ,but that was all what was occupated my brain.

I wasn’t interessted at all. I was looking life things so simple and I lived reality. I was luckiest in everything what I do because I never give attention on bad things.

I have read about meditation,yoga,universe,how’s that process work and I would tell myself”it’s have a sense” and that was all of me ,I would often stop on it.

I have recently begun explore more sources of meditation,the literature of people who are truly experinced success in every segment of life, a people who have concived and accomplished.

From the moment of watching videos, considerations, and my own knowelgde about those themes,I can easily say that I’m proof and my life is result how’s universe work.

This morning, I was reading the book “Who were the Masons” .The book (which I have just begun to read), writte about the data from a thousand years ago and I wonder how I understood exactly that contact of the universe and us right now. They were very valuable and we know who are the Masons now.They still had their spiritual ceremonies which many people today may have misunderstood, but I excatly understande what happening.

Because the term “alchemy and hermetic” whose mention several times in the book, the terms of connecting with the sun with the platonic parts, I somehow came with the conclusion that’it,the biggest people know abot universe,that’s why they big are.Well, they have their own vibrations of the body, sent their wishes to the universe, advanced their clear goals, they were not scared, they had high thoughts, and most importantly, apart from the fact that ordinary craftsmen spent more than half a day at ceremonies. They spent half day on spirit education,every single day. This is crucial and sufficient for the success of us today. To work on yourself constantly, to educate. I knew that people have always believed in something because faith is what keeps us alive, but the particular turning to the universe is the key to success. Our energy is what we are made of, our interior is the one that moves us only , it is invisible but strong.It only depends on how much we will fill our mind and how we will direct it right, time is all ours, we can do everything! It’s not difficult to find out this process. It’s only important to see if you are open for new knoweldge , or we going to create a wall and do not let something x came to us. And once you release and find out how it works, you can move a planet,you starting to be whatever your wish is.

The fascinating 🍀


That moment in life when u realise that you have angels whose sleeping and dreaming who knows about what…

Priceless… there is no word who can describe my love for them. I can and I did spent all night only watching them,trying to catch every smile till they sleep. People says litle babies are real little angles,I’m sure it’s true. I’m living that.

However my day was hard, they forgive me everthing. Whatever I did ,whatever I said to them. They know I love them,they know they are all world to me.

Hugs whose fill me harmoni and love. I feel so blessed,so live for them.

I love them even they are sometimes little troubles,but they are my angles they changed all of me,they learned me what life is about,they make me better person and they still teach me.

I know I can be better ,I know I’m not the best ,that’s hurt me,but my love for them is harder then stone.

I love you so much angels 🍀



If you going to have your own blog it should be ok to be honest. I can writte about happy ,positivite,good life,fullness.. but…. let’s describe way whose bring us till nirvana goal and  inside peace. When you win battle with your own had then you live fullness of life. Let’s work,let’s learn. We are the only who can help ourselfs.I  really try and try to work on myself every day.

When you don’t have dream as real dream not life dream ,not wishes ,I’m talking about real dream in bed. 

When you are in poor dream almoust four year,that ‘ s going in very wrong way.  Yes, very wrong way when I talk about health,especially psihyc health. 

You constantly trying to prepare for day but without results and what happen, you just broke. Broke as a thinly glass of wine. Those four years I’m feeling as sooo thinly glass of wine ,which,if you fill up that glass ,it’s over. 

But I’m taking another one, I will take all thinly glasses from collection.I will Try all of them. I know one day one of them will be full but not broken too. 🍀<<<<


Every morning is new chance to be better person. Is anything else needed to say after this senteces? 

Who is really in “this” he will understande.There is no day where we are perfect as person,as souls,as humans. If we are in good mood,in the end od the day there is “little that” which will destroy our good mood. If we are positive or frendly with others,I’m so sure that someone will appear who drive slow in front of our car so those positive minds drops on flour. Etc.  And we ask “How? How to be perfect for just one day and all negativities put behind us?” 

There is an answer. If you going to be that perfect you will be boring  to yourself first. No one can handle that,we must have “that wrong opinion” at least once a day. Because we are human and it’ok to be  wrong. It’s so important that you are aware and that you know what your mistakes are. After your awareness,you can easily wake up at the morning,make five -minut  exercises for your body,drink a coffie and smile because you got new chanse to be better person. 

Ignore all mess you are in ( like my house mess which I have already headache lol ) and feel PERFECT. 🍀<<<<<<